Support for calculation and climate work

The calculator is intended as a tool for companies' own use. The use does not require previous experience in carbon footprint calculation, but interest and time are certainly needed. The calculator allows you the main emission sources from your company's operations and the factors that affect them.

The browser-based calculator makes it easy to share data collection tasks between multiple users. The data is saved for the progress follow-up and action planning in the forthcoming years.

How does the calculator work?

CO2 calculations are based on the calculation boundary and organization structure. The basics are simple: multiply the consumption data (such as energy consumption in kilowatt hours) with the emission factor that tells what is the global warming potential of one unit (such as CO2e per kilowatt hour).

1. Company Settings
Complete the basic information of the company, invite all the users that are needed for the work and feed in the KPIs that you want to use in the calculations.
2. Site structure
Create the structure of the sites and operations. This is used as a basis for consumption data input.
3. Data sources and emission factors
Figure out the sources for various data types: Energy supplier, receipts, travel logs and tickets, bookkeeping, wholeseller reports etc. Check also the emission factors and if necessary, add what is needed.
4. Consumption data input
Add all necessary consumption data entries in the system, either on monthly or annual basis. The calculation is formed based on these numbers and the emission factors.
5. CO2 calculations
Carbon footprints page displays the annual CO2 calculations based on the companys site structure, GHG protocol and various KPIs, in charts and tables.

Frequently asked questions

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CO2 calculator for tourism companies - an introduction video

This short video introduces all main features of the calculator. Duration 3:45.

CO2 calculator for tourism companies - an introduction video.